Looking for a new nvme drive? Pick up one of these Crucial P5 Plus 500GB PCIe 4.0 from Amazon! It is on sale for $49.99.

How much $$ you save!:

53% Amount Paid
47% Amount Saved

A little about the product:

  • PCIe 4.0 NVMe technology with up to 6600MB/s sequential reads, random read/write 360K/700K IOPS
  • Engineered for hardcore gamers, professionals, creatives who demand high-performance computing, works well with PS5 and has Heatsink compatibility
  • Built on our own leading Micron Advanced 3D NAND and innovative controller technology
  • Rated at MTTF greater than 2 million hours for extended longevity and reliability
  • 5-year limited warranty or up to the max endurance rating of 300 TBW