Looking for a place to store your trash? Pick up one of these Insignia™ – 3 Gal. Automatic Trash Can – Stainless steel from Best Buy! It is on sale for $24.99.

How much $$ you save!:

63% Amount Paid
37% Amount Saved

A little about the product:

You might not realize how full your hands are until you need a free one. Using infrared motion sensing technology, the Insignia NS-ATC3SS1 3 Gal. Automatic Trash Can detects your hand to open and close automatically, saving you time and reducing your contact with germs. Its compact 3-gallon size is perfect for smaller areas such as an office or laundry room, and its timeless stainless steel look is easy to clean and looks great anywhere. A handy liner ring keeps the bag from collapsing down into the can and the trash can’s cordless design means you can place it wherever you need it. Finally, an LED indicator lets you know when the battery power is low, meaning this trash can will be ready the next time you need a free hand.

3-gallon capacity
Small 3.2 gal. (12 L) can fits where you need it and is ideal for the office, laundry room or bathroom.

Hands-free automatic lid
Infrared (IR) motion sensor detects your hand or other object in range to open and close automatically, reducing your contact with germs.

Manual mode
Keep the lid in the open position for as long as you need it, until you turn manual mode off.

Stainless steel design
Easy to keep clean and fits in with your existing décor.

Secure liner
Liner ring keeps the trash bag from bunching up or collapsing down into the can.

LED indicator
Tells you when the trash can is on or off, as well as when the batteries are getting low.

Ease of use
Removeable lid makes it easy to both take out the trash and replace the bag.

Battery operated
Requires only 2 AA batteries (not included) to operate and eliminate the need for cumbersome cords.