Looking for a new ice maker? Pick up one of these Insignia™ – Portable Icemaker 33 lb. With Auto Shut-Off – Stainless steel from Best Buy! It is on sale for $134.99.

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A little about the product:

You’ll never run out of ice with the Insignia NS-PIM33SS 33 Lb. Portable Icemaker with Auto Shut-Off. Producing up to 33 lbs. of ice per day, this icemaker stores up to 2 lbs., supplying all the cold drinks at a large gathering. It creates ice every 5 to 8 minutes and has two cube size options you can choose from, depending on your drink of choice and glass size. It has a large 1.8-quart water tank that recycles melted ice, so you can refill it less often. An analog control panel with indicator lights make this portable icemaker easy to operate. Match the icemaker to your kitchen décor with a stainless-steel design that will attract all your guests. Become the best party host with a portable icemaker that keeps up with the drinks and your guests’ expectations.

Two cube sizes
Enjoy small .25 oz. ice cubes and large .32 oz. ice cubes to fit various glass sizes.

Produces up to 33 lbs. (14.9 kg) of ice per day
Lets you stock up for your next get-together.

Auto shut-off
Ensures ice production stops when the bin is full to prevent overflow.

Fast-paced production cycle
Produces ice every 5 to 8 minutes to keep you supplied with fresh ice.

Removable basket and ice shovel
Gives you easy access to your ice while serving.

2 lb. (.9 kg) storage capacity
Gives you plenty of ice for any occasion.

Large water tank
Holds up to 1.8 qt. (1.7 l) of water.

Self-recycling water system
A 1.8 qt (1.7 l) reservoir automatically uses water from melted ice to make new ice.

Analog control panel with indicator lights
Makes using this icemaker simple and straight-forward.

Modern stainless-steel design
Looks great in your kitchen.